Antique Key Wine Glass Charms - DIY Instructions and Downloads

Antique Key Wine Glass Charms - DIY Instructions and Downloads

Wine Glass Charms

My most recent project was as both an event planner and event planner support for a baby shower in Gainesville, Florida, at the gorgeous Sweetwater Branch Inn.  The hostess wanted to have a mimosa bar (which we named MOMosa bar), so I thought that wine glass charms would be the perfect thing that would double as a way to mark your glass AND a party favor that people would actually use.

Antique Key Wonderland Wine Glass Charm - Party Favor


Here are the supplies that I purchased for the project along with links to get them if you want the same exact ones:

Creating the Stickers

First, download the files for the clock and rose stickers here.  The zip file has an 8.5" x 11" PDF page with the clocks, an 8.5" x 11" PDF page with the roses, and a cut file that I set up using Silhouette Studio.

When you're choosing labels, make sure you purchase the type that will fit with the machine you're using.  Many labels designated for laser printers have a coating on them to protect from the high heat of the laser machine that makes the inkjet ink not soak in properly.

Put the label paper that you chose face down into your printer and print one page at a time.  I recommend printing with your printer settings to "best" quality, but you'll need to let the pages dry thoroughly especially if you choose a glossy-coated sticker.  I typically allow overnight for glossy stickers, a couple of hours for the weatherproof stickers, and minutes with matte stickers (but you won't get a ton of protection for the wear without any coating).  The PDF page has registrations marks for the Silhouette Cameo cutting system, so you can ignore them if you're using a crafting punch.

If you're using a Silhouette machine:

  • Page Size: Letter (8.5 x 11.0 in)
  • Cutting Mat: Cameo 12 x 12 in (or whatever you're using)
  • Registration Marks: Type 1 Cameo, Portrait, Curio (Length 0.787, Thickness 0.50, Inset 0.625, Orientation Default)
  • Cut Settings: Depth 2, Speed 8, Force 7, Passes 1

If you're using a craft punch, you'll have to cut the images into strips, line up the image to the punch, and go to town.


Large Antique Wonderland Skeleton Keys - Favors Assembled Antique Key Wine Glass Charm Favor without Stickers

The large keys come in four designs, all of which have the perfect loop at the top for inserting the key onto the charm ring.  The blank charms come with a split ring (typical keychain ring) that you'll need to remove.  You can apply the stickers to the blanks before you assemble or after; it depends on personal comfort.

Apply the stickers to the charm, clock on one side rose on the other.  Loop the charm ring through the charm then through the key and slide closed.  And you're done.

Party Favors

We chose to put the key charms in a plastic apothecary jar, but you can also find a way to hang them from hooks or string them across a dowel rod that's hung in your decorations.

Leave fine-pointed sharpies or markers, in black or in fun colors, next to the display, so guests can write their names on the rose side of the charm and keep track of their mimosa glasses.


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