I have dedicated studio hours from 10am to 6pm EST Monday through Friday. Most of the time, I also squeeze in some evenings, a few nights, and the occasional weekend. Those hours are typically to catch up or get ahead, so I rarely let anyone know when they are to keep the time from getting hijacked. I also take off weekends, holidays, days with no school (except for the summer), and the rare vacation to spend time with my family.

Just because I'm "in" doesn't necessarily mean I'm available since I often have client meetings, vendor appointments, or event planner phone calls. I am also a single mother balancing raising a beautiful daughter with ruling my design world. For those of you with a tween or teen, you understand that things are always changing.

My work list almost spirals, which means I complete a task then move onto the next one. Sending an email or providing you a proof doesn't always mean I'll get further revisions or responses to you immediately.