Custom Corporate Designs

I spent more than a decade in the corporate marketing world as graphic design support across several industries before I started working for myself.  That experience, combined with running my own business, serves me well when working with corporations and company liaisons to create branding and other commercial materials.


  • Corporate and company-based logos
  • Party logos


  • Window decals
  • Banners and posters
  • Wall and floor graphics

Business Cards

  • Standard or unique sized
  • Value all the way to premium
  • Design fit to your budget

Marketing & Branding

  • Sales sheets and flyers
  • Web design consultation
  • Info graphics and metric sheets
  • Seminar (and now teleconference and webinar) support

Product Packaging & Apparel Design

  • Jewelry Cards
  • Commercial labels & packaging including boxes and pouches
  • Custom apparel for retailers or for commercial marketing
  • Experience with different printing and application types


Corporate prices are typically structured a bit different from personal projects because of scope, exposure, and copyrighting, so click below to access a design proposal with more information and package pricing.

If you open the page and aren't ready to take the next steps, please feel free to browse my other custom and about me pages, check out my work on Instagram, or contact me using the pink bubble or my Contact page.