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Custom Designs


I work to exceed expectations, yet I mix in a kooky sense of humor to balance the overachiever inside. I want you to feel 100% happy at the end of our project, so I focus on excellent customer service as much as creative design. I’ve also been in the business long enough to know when to stand my ground and when to push boundaries.

You have found the right page if you:

(1) can't find what you're looking for and want something completely custom

(2) are an event planner looking for graphic design support or

(3) are looking for small business development advice and planning services


  • INVITATIONS: Simple or ornate. Flat, custom cut, layered, or 3D.  Birthday, Mitzvah, corproate event.  We can make it perfect!
  • WEDDINGS: Let's create something completely custom, or we can choose from previously loved designs.
  • PARTY & EVENT DETAILS: Decorations of all kinds for whatever event you are hosting.  Everything from poster banners to napkin rings.
  • EVENT FAVORS: Stickers, tags, or the actual favor. Completely custom or out of the box. Made or bought, it doesn’t matter.
  • VINYL & CUSTOM STICKERS: Custom created and custom cut, these decals are meant to stick.
  • WINE & BEER LABELS: Wine and beer bottles with custom labels are the gifts that keep on giving!
  • CUSTOM SHIRTS: Custom designs, by me, put on shirts of all types and sizes with heat press vinyl.
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I am lucky enough to work with Event Planners that are incredibly talented and as focused on customer service as I am. I currently work with event planners in Orange County California, Central and South California, and Atlanta Georgia.
Click here for information on hiring me for graphic support.


I am currently in the process of developing a service structure for small business development.  If you're interested in getting help setting up your business, creating a customer management program, or getting organized, and you don't mind answers that I'm still working through, contact me at and we will figure it out together.


Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than the one with all the facts."
— Albert Einstein